Making Dreams Come True

Your beliefs are never neutral. They either move you forward or hold you back. And you choose what you will believe.   ~Marcia Wieder from Making Your Dreams Come True

Okay, it’s time.  I had two friends talk to me on consecutive days last week about my memoir.  I’ve set it aside for about six months.  My excuse was summer but I think that’s not it now.  It’s funny how excusing yourself for something makes you believe your own denial.  

I have been writing this memoir for a couple of years now.  It chronicles my breast cancer journey.  I actually finished the first draft and had it edited by a good friend, Laurie Wagner Buyer an excellent editor, not to mention an amazing author.  She’s been one mentor who has offered me her guidance and energy to tackle writing from the creative angle rather than the teaching perspective.  I am slow to accept my writing but these nudges from others puts some pressure on me to get going again.

So here is what I’ve done this week.  I have researched again (did this 6 months ago) the kind of books out there on breast cancer to be able to convince an agent that my book is unique in its presentation.  I have then begun to revise my query letter for finding an agent. I have also researched agents that I plan to send my letter to.  I am giving myself until next Thursday, Jan 19 to finish and mail out queries to agents.  The other plan is to post on this website excerpts from the memoir as well as some tips on living through cancer.  

I am telling you this as a way to enroll you into helping keep me on target with my goal to have this memoir published before next year, 2013.  Even though we all understand the need to have our feet held to the fire, I really decided to try this since I have been working with Marcia Weider found of Dream University.  I found her through a webcast interview I listened to.  Her Next Step course sounded practical and achievable. I have listened to her program as well as other webcasts she is producing about making dreams come true.  One of her steps tells us to enroll others into believing in your dream.  Clearly my friends above already believe.  It’s now me who needs to.  

So stay tuned, I’ll let you know how it goes.  My feet are burning already!

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  1. Cathy says:

    I can’t wait to watch your progress!

  2. laurie says:

    Well, friend, count me in
    as one who will cheer you on
    and offer foot rubs!

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