A Letter to Congress in the aftermath.

Dear Mr. President and Members of Congress,

Please hear this plea.  In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, allow yourselves to believe we are all one.  We are one as a being; we are one as a nation, we are one as a spirit. We are the United States.  And, although we are two political parties, that should not separate us into two opposing sides.  It should, in fact offer different views that can be united into the BEST opportunities for our nation.  This beating of chests over which political party is bigger, badder, meaner, tougher makes us weak as a nation, rather than stronger as a populace. 

This IS our world.  Our citizens have issues with what the fiscal cliff offers if you do not come to terms in cooperation.  Many of us do not have health insurance as you do funded through taxes; most of us do not have three figure incomes as you do funded through taxes; many of us have social security as our pension not one that can kick in after five years of service at age 62; none have PAC money coming to us to influence our vote.  What this country has is the inherent desire to see us remain as a country that rises to the top year after year in wake of tragedies.  We need you, the political actors, to stop the fighting, for whether you believe it or not, your behavior affects our family of man in the U.S.  We begin to believe that this kind of negativity toward each other is warranted. We begin to believe that being at odds is the norm and violence the cure; we begin to believe that reconciliation and coming together trivializes our convictions. We begin to believe that violence is the logical outcome because we begin to believe that in some underground way you “take each other out.”  Just like all our on screen heroes, we begin to see you as real life. 

Twenty young children died this week, as did six of their protecting adult mentors.  Who knows why a young man chooses to walk into an elementary school and kill?  Who knows why any others do it?  It is a complicated and complex problem.  However, do not accept anymore that what you do “to” each other, as opposing political sides is justifiable.  Instead, please understand that you are the leaders.  You are our principal, Dawn Hochsprung, who runs to the place of gunfire to stop the intruder to save your children.  The U.S. is your school building.  Please do not let us fall off this cliff.  Please do not let us continue to battle. We are in your hands.  Please keep us safe.  Find a solution.  Rebuild our country so that solutions of violence don’t seem an option.  Help us see that differing opinions is a reality but coming together in compromise works for all.  Help us to regain balance.  Help see difference as opportunity not as a cause for duel. 

With love for our country, our family of man, and those we have lost,

Missy Kizer

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