I am a liver and I don’t mean the organ inside the body, but rather the person I choose to be.  I live because I love it.  I live because I’m a survivor of cancer.  I live because I know I have more to do and give.  I am fortunate and blessed and I want to share that.  The question of course is how.  That leads to the purpose of this website.  I don’t know exactly how to give to others or what it is I can give.  I do know I must endeavor to make this happen.

I keep saying I’m moving beyond the breast cancer but I can’t seem to continue without recognizing it.  Cancer played a huge role in where I am today.  I didn’t want to have it and I sometimes wish I could have done without it but the reality for me is that it moved me beyond my apathetic existence of letting life happen to me.  I have now chosen to live my life in search of the spirit.  That gets complicated because it sounds a little too churchy for me but in essence I guess I’m in search of the meaning of life just like every one else.  We all search in different ways and in different terms but I think we are all on a quest for some kind of meaning and understanding.  At this point, I am looking for a spiritual connection while at the same time living in the moment.  Much of this is all new age rhetoric but it applies for me.

No one travels this world alone although it may sometimes feel that way.  We are all in this together. Sharing the journey is my way of giving back for all the support I’ve been given.  Even though the destination is still unknown, the day-to-day sojourn grants the opportunity to learn and experience from a new certainty. As I continue to pursue this website and it’s intention as well as my purpose in doing so we’ll see what comes out.  I have been told that as I continue looking for my “heart song” it will appear.  That’s my goal.