Anti Cancer – A Best Seller

Knowledge is power only if man knows what facts not to bother with   Robert Staughton Lynd

I am reading a book a friend shared with me called Anti Cancer: a New Way of Life written by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber.  Even though I’m only several chapters into it,  I am so taken by this doctor’s work with his own recovery and his ability to share his knowledge.  He speaks to the importance of traditional cancer treatment as well as the equally significant importance of body/mind wellness.  anti cancer book

He is a research scientist who discovered his own brain cancer by being one of the subjects in a research project.  Sort of makes you not want to volunteer for anything.  From that point on he has worked to discover what part we play in our own health.  I love the fact that he says we don’t have to accept the myth that cancer is primarily linked to our genetic make-up.  It allows me to believe that I have a great opportunity to change my health by changing my lifestyle.  I don’t have to accept cancer’s curse, which is what I believed from the start but it sure is nice to have a doctor affirm that, especially one who knows cancer personally. 

I probably couldn’t have read this when I was first diagnosed because I second guessed everything from whether to choose traditional medicine to which treatment to choose to what food to eat, and whether to go outside in the sun, whether to drink tap water or bottled water and on and on.  However, I hope others facing cancer will have the opportunity to read this when they are ready.


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