Breast Cancer Resource List

I just put together some resources for a friend’s sister who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  These are things that saved me from myself as much as they saved me from my cancer diagnosis.  I speak of “myself” as that internal dialogue that tried consistently to make me remain in fear. So much of returning to health had to do with finding how to silence that fear and find belief in the future.  Hopefully these will help others as much as they helped me survive.  Click on the words in purple for easy access to the websites.

As soon as you get the diagnosis, order one or both of these:

  • Cancer 101 – I loved Cancer 101 because it is self explanatory and all about keeping organized and preparing for the future.  Because there is no way of knowing what you’ll need while traversing this disease, it is so helpful that others put together a packet to make sense out of what to do.  Good friends of my sister had this sent to me.
  • Bag It 4U – I found out about Bag It when I went to a cancer retreat it sponsors.  I would have liked this bag of tricks too because it has other resources as well.  Check into their retreat as well when you feel like you’re ready.

If surgery is part of the treatment, hypnotherapy has been reported to increase recovery time for breast cancer patients.  I found a hypnotherapist in my town who walked me through a couple of sessions and then created an audio CD for me with her voice leading me through relaxation and into a story line of how my surgery would go.  It is a form of visualization using positive images and dialogue so that you can prepare your body for the invasive and difficult action to the body associated with surgery.  The reports claim many patients who use hypnosis suffer less bleeding, need less anesthesia and recover more quickly.  I loved having my CD to listen to.  I know how I am and I would have been a sweat ball and exhausted from fretting about what was to come.  By the day of the surgery I went to the hospital calm and relaxed.  Nothing made me panic.  I was ready.  I would highly recommend finding a hypnotherapist who could work with you as you go into to this to help relieve some of the fear and anxiety.  If that’s out of the question I have found a few websites with CD’s to listen to before surgery.  I haven’t personally used them but I listened to their examples and they were much like what my hypnotherapist recorded for me:

My hypnotherapist also made me a CD to listen to when I started chemo treatment.  I had to decide how I wanted to see my chemo working.  Were there little Pack-men running through me gobbling up cancer cells?  Did the chemo release warriors into my system that stabbed and killed any cancer cells?  I chose a less angry way to see it working.  I envisioned cancer as dark, raisin like cells.  I then imagined the chemo searching those cells out and cocooning them in light until they transmuted into pink healthy cells.  Whatever you choose it has to be because it works for you.

After Surgery:

  • Healing Meditation – I started listening to this CD by Kelly Howell  after surgery and for the entire year after diagnosis.  I’d like to say I listened every day but I didn’t.  I was haphazard at best but I believe it’s power was critical in re-conditioning my thoughts.  Kelly’s calm reassurance about our individual power to heal changed something elemental within me.  I believed I would recover after my first time with this CD.  It was monumental to my brain health as well as my physical health.  I still listen to it and find great peace when I do.


These authors helped me as I traveled this road.  Each one sort of dropped into my lap at certain times often from friends, so I read it.  This synchronicity changed my view as well.  I knew I was receiving some kind of Divine Guidance even though I didn’t understand how or why.  It just seemed that when I was ready for the next book to read, it appeared.  Even Eat, Pray, Love, a much lighter self help edition, showed up just when I needed it.  Each book made a difference and gave me the guidance I needed to help myself.  

This is a start in helping navigate cancer and the move back to health.  Each journey is individual so what worked for me may not be what someone else needs.  I just know each item I listed had a profound impact in the re-invention of my health physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

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