The Sweet Scent of Homecoming

Hay smells different to lovers and horses  . . . proverb The sweet scent of the cut hay simmers on the quiet air of early afternoon.  Long, sweeping windrows dry top down from the sun’s hot touch.  Two hawks circle intersecting invisible paths while eyeing the furrows searching for mice uncovered by the swather shearing […] Read more »

The Power of Rejection

“When you’re following your inner voice, doors tend to eventually open for you, even if they mostly slam at first.”   – Kelly Cutrone. My I have been absent from my writing.  I don’t like that yet sometimes it just happens.  Actually it came about because two different agents told me with great kindness that they […] Read more »

Killing Lincoln

War at the best, is terrible, and this war of ours, in its magnitude and in its duration, is one of the most terrible. –June 16, 1864 Lincoln’s Speech at Philadelphia Jim and I just finished listening to Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Lincoln. Jim was going to read it but I mistakenly ordered the audio book […] Read more »