. . . think of yourself as a candle that you create each day.  Your life is the vessel in which you burn, your body is the wick, your breath is the fuel.  Thought of in this way you can see that you alone are responsible for the burning of your own light.   from amor de la corazon

I just read a friend’s blog post. She compares a candle to our lives (not the “burning a candle at both ends” quote) and how we chose to live it.  Actually it came to her through a voice and she records it.  I have read each of her posts and for the first time I really noticed a difference in “voice.”   This one is so peace filled it makes me happy and relaxed.  All of that is a side note to what I read.

It’s not that the whole metaphor of life and candles is new.  It’s not, but what I did hear was the peaceful hopefulness in the message.  I get to BE the candle.  I choose the fuel for my light.  I am in control of my burn.  I don’t need to control anyone else’s flame or lack of.  I focus on me, and sometimes I may not be able to see far into the voyage but because I believe there is a path I can move forward with great anticipation rather than uncertainty.

As coincidence works, I had this conversation yesterday with friends.  For the very first time I think I understand the concept of faith.  We hear that term from childhood connected to religion and actions that seem important.  It is tossed about regularly and freely without much internal consideration.  I know I was taught about it in catechism but I was too young to process it.  It was another vacant acknowledgment to religious dogma.  Yet, yesterday because of the conversation I finally connected to that term.  Faith is believing that all is moving forward as intended.  There are no wrong turns because wherever we travel we learn and grow and continue to our destination.  Now just as I’m contemplating the meaning of faith, I hear it again in this blog post.  I just love synchronicity and the “faith” to believe in it.

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