Forgiving God?

Most of us can forgive and forget; we just don’t want the other person to forget that we forgave.  Ivern Ball

Revelation time.  I just had that aha moment while reading chapter six of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  He talks about fighting against the parasite of the mind, that we need to be warriors on our own behalf.  I understand the concept but I’m not in that warrior space anymore.  I believe I have to see life through love.  Hokey, I know but it has been working for me.  

In chapter six, Ruiz speaks about forgiving and its importance.  So much of what I’ve read and discovered has to do with forgiveness because we ultimately have to forgive ourselves.  It sounds simple, just say I’m sorry.  Well yes, that’s a first step but you have to believe you need to forgive and then you have to forgive.  Not so easy.  

I just read the segment that says you must forgive and there is a whole list of who and what to forgive ending with God.  Forgive God?  That’s blasphemy.  If I was blaming God or angry at God there would be only hell to pay – litereally in Catholicism.  I’d be damned to that space with no way out, and how does that work when we’re told that God forgives everyone and everything.  There are truly some mixed messages in religious doctrine.  So here’s the revelation, I do need to forgive God.  I have to work this through but what I know is that I have hidden my anger at things I believe God is responsible for which is basically everything since God is the omnipotent and is in control.  Well, I never really expected to uncover those unspeakable feelings.  

I now realize I probably really need consider this idea and in forgiving God, I will ultimately forgive myself which means I’ll let go of guilt, pain and sorrow, and voila . . . I’ll be fixed.  Well, alright not quite that easy but it’s a step that will help me I’m sure.  I really do believe forgiveness is a key to health and happiness. 

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  1. laurie says:

    Forgive everything; don’t forget the lesson.

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