Know You Are Well!

Take all the power possible from the positive words and thoughts that arrive in front of you.  Soon after my surgery, a friend who had colon cancer said, “Hey, congratulations Survivor.”  It was the first time I had heard the term survivor as it referred to me. Somewhere deep within I felt the truth in her comment.  I realized at that moment that I was no longer a cancer victim (a politically incorrect term never to use when speaking with someone who has cancer).

Another dear friend helped me almost immediately after diagnosis by allaying my fear with her vision.  She told me she felt intuitively that I was in for a great journey and that no matter what treatment or course of action I took, I would be fine.  She even said that she was excited for me because I was going to learn and discover so much about myself.  Boy, was she spot on there and . . . I am fine.  

Just prior to my first chemotherapy treatment, another of my dear friends told me her son, then in high school was sure that I was going to get through all this without much problem.  He said he thought I’d be fine.  Now you may think, what’s a high school kid know?  Everything, especially when what he says carries weight with your psyche.  I clutched ahold of that and placed it internally.  I felt it.  I knew I would have a pretty easy go of it and I did.

I had a number of people who let me know they were praying for me or that I was included their prayer circle.  I sometimes wince at religiousness for whatever reason or rather for many reasons.  But at these most powerful beliefs of others I accepted them with the love that I felt coming from them.  Two of these people to this day, five years later, tell me I’m still in their prayers.

 After hearing each of these messages and many others, a piece of my dread calved from the glacier of frozen fear I had inside me.  My belief in my own health became my reality.    As you traverse any kind of heath trauma, take hold of these blessings and feel them inside you.  Accept them and allow yourself to heal.  Believe and realize your wellness. 

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