Cancer Tips – Knowledge is Power or NOT!

I read so many accounts of people claiming the importance of learning as much as possible about your cancer.  Many people feel they needed this information to make decisions.  They needed this information to advocate for themselves.  This information prepared them for what they had to face with their cancer, the treatment, and how others react. 

Prior to my diagnosis, I would have said that anyone who didn’t do this was pretty stupid. I believed knowledge is power.  I learned to eat those words.  As I navigated my news of cancer I began reading all I could.  I then often sat in despair thinking about my future or lack thereof.  I read about holistic treatments, I read about allopathic treatments, I read about breast cancer, I read about prostate cancer, I read about insurance woes, I read about the different stages of cancer.  And then I’d tailspin into hopelessness.  Finally a doctor, who is also a personal friend, offered the idea that reading all this was not helping me.  Eureka!  When I was given permission to quit reading all the stuff, I relaxed and followed my path instead of feeling obligated to follow the judgment of others.  So as I say this, I realize I too am giving advice, but it’s just another opinion from a different side of the issue.   Research for some of us is too much to manage and brings horror and depression.  Both of those emotions create a nest to nurture the cancer rather than a space for creating health.  So read and research if you need to especially if it helps you feel better about decisions you face, but if it makes you feel worse, then give yourself approval to listen to the doctors and the information they have for you.  Do what is right for you.   

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