Memoir Excerpt – Chapter 2

Week 2 / August 27 – September 1    (Italicized = original journal from day one)

Alarm Rings

6:01    “Stay asleep, it’s not real.”
6:02    Cancer
6:03    Cancer
6:04    Cancer

“Rise, shower, dress.  
Be normal, do normal, act normal. . .
Maybe it won’t be true.”

6:34    Cancer
6:35    Cancer
6:36    Cancer

“Eat, drink coffee,
Prepare lunch to go.  
Enjoy the morning sun – warm on my skin . . .”

7:11    Cancer
7:12   Cancer
7:13   Cancer

“Go away; leave me alone.  
Peace, silence.  Quiet my head.
 It’s too much.  I don’t want it.  Let me go.”

So a week has gone by and there is nothing that seems normal.  The thoughts of cancer stir like breath.  Their involuntary rise sabotages any other thought.  The gasping ache centers inside fighting for release.  Each day pours into the next.  Instead of the glass being half full, the anger and fear spill over the sides, dripping and covering any sense of security.

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