Outrageous Openness – That’s Divine

No one is ordinary and everyone is ordinary.  

I just love reading.  It opens so many doors or windows or maybe I should say the mind.  I am currently reading Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver, a compilation of adapted stories or articles from her writing for the SF Spiritual Examiner.  First of all these are short, easily read missives.  For all my love of reading, I don’t enjoy having to work hard at it.  I like a blend of “aha” connected to a short story.  So this is perfect.  

The second thing I like is that she speaks of spiritual ideas but does not proselytize.  She speaks easily of loving Jesus while also telling that she is from a “fine, upstanding, Jewish family replete with three uncles and two cousins who are rabbis.”  She even says when it comes to God she is completely poly-amorous. snow New Mex iPhoto Library I love that.  Isn’t that how it should be?  Well, in my mind it is.  With that attitude it becomes about love not about who’s ideas are right, wrong or better.  We become so finite when we see the universe as exclusive.  If God is love and love is unlimited then boundaries are unlocked. We needn’t define our religion by a name. 

So on those many occasions, like last week when I went cross-country skiing after the snow storm, I was as connected to God as I ever would be anywhere.  The scent of sage as the sun crept over the snow frosted branches, the jewel toned blue of the sky mirrored off the florescence of the snow, brought pause.  I stopped for ten minutes just listening.  That is awe.  That is openness.  That is God.

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  1. Nicky says:


  2. Nicky says:

    Hello…this is Laurie on Nicky’s computer.
    We just had a wonderful healing session
    and then she mentioned your blog so we
    came in to read it together. How beautiful!
    Wish we could have been with you on the skiing
    journey. Love you!

  3. Brenda Moore says:

    Love this – especially the smell of the sage. It sounds like you had some moments of bliss, always a good thing. Love to you

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