Returning to Love

We can hardly even imagine a world in which all of us were in love, all the time, with everyone.  There would be no wars because we wouldn’t fight. There would be no hunger because we would feed each other.  There would be no environmental breakdown because we would love ourselves, our children and our planet too much to destroy it.  There would be no prejudice, oppression or violence of any kind.  There would be no sorrow.  There would only be peace.   Marianne Williamson from “A Return to Love”

I picked up the book A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson yesterday morning.  I’ve read it once but I felt like hearing some of the information again.  It’s funny what you sift out a second time through a book.  I may have heard it the first time but some things speak louder during a repeat reading.  The quote above shouted to me.  When I first connected with this book I had recently been diagnosed with cancer so everything I read, touched and thought was all about me.  This time I hear these words as they relate to Japan.

The stories coming from there show a culture that doesn’t steal, loot, or take advantage of the hardship of others. This email example is just one of the many from Japan,  “. . . all feels very normal in my neighborhood.  This morning I went to the supermarket, then to the bakery next door.  As I came out of the bakery I noticed that someone had left her full bags of supermarket groceries on the street, a main road, outside the bakery.  Just left them there while she went in to buy bread, in full confidence that the bags would still be there when she re-emerged.”  I don’t know what creates a culture like that.  Is it fear based, or a societal norm or is the behavior an act of love?  What I know is that as I hear stories of hopelessness, the Japanese instead see and discover the goodness in each other.  I think they see love. 

The idea of returning to love as we think beyond our own personal space to that of the world and our earth will hopefully allow us to be able to overcome our distrust of people and the destruction of the planet through nuclear reactor meltdowns.  We can’t imagine what love could do because we often think these statements sound gooey and sappy.  Yet this kind of love is so simple.  We don’t have to preach about “Jesus joy” (I heard that the other day), or “can’t we all just get along” or “turn the other cheek.”  This act is simply love it, whatever IT is.  If it’s you then love yourself and give yourself love.  If it’s the earth, then love the earth and give it love.  If it’s a nation, then love the people and give them love.  If it’s a higher power then love it and give it love.

This means you do nothing that causes harm.  If you truly love IT, then there is not much difficulty being harmless.  However we often think of desire, hope, money, need and fear before we act with love.  All our other worries and ideas float into our minds before we act.  Because of that, our actions often take a turn and we ultimately do injury in some way.  I just know that the idea of returning to love on a conscious level can change our world.  It is so easy but we make it difficult.  I know for myself if I acted through love, life would look much different.  I’m not always successful but I am working on living in love. 

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