Self Worth, Self Doubt, & Anita Moorjani

The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white.  Neither need you do anything but be yourself.       Lao Tzu

Just be yourself.  We don’t have to live up to others’ expectations. 

Who hasn’t heard this before?  We’ve been bombarded by this message for years from parents, teachers, and health professionals . . . and yet many of us just don’t get there.  We still need that approval.

I absolutely believe I am a perfectly divine being created by God as part of the universal spirit.  I think I understand that at an intellectual level as well as a spiritual level.  I’m just not sure I get it as a physical level.  I often feel the angst of insecurity in my actions, the apprehension of disappointing others, the dread of not reaching my potential.  I then talk to my waning ego about letting go of these undignified emotions so that I can once again feel my divinity.  Sometimes it even works, but it is not always.

I’ve been reading a book called “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani who had a near-death experience (NDE) and recovered so rapidly after this experience because of what she now knew that she was released from the hospital within weeks without any trace of cancer.  I am fascinated by this and love hearing about her experience. The book discusses and arouses both hope and love.  Moorjani even says “We must understand the magnificence of how the universe intended us to be without needing to change.” 

There it is again.  It is so clear and makes so much sense and yet I don’t quite know how to embody it.  I guess what I will do is continue talking to myself, continue meditating, continue my conversations with God, and hold to the belief that I am perfect.  Maybe at some point, I’ll feel it too and realize my inherent worth.

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  1. Thank you Missy, I am ordering her book right now! I have just read “Proof of Heaven”, by Eben Alexander MD which is another NDE book. I found it to be very educational as well as uplifting. There is a review of it on my website. Thank you for sharing your writing. Let’s take a walk!

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