Memoir Excerpt – Chapter 2

Week 2 / August 27 – September 1    (Italicized = original journal from day one) Alarm Rings 6:01    “Stay asleep, it’s not real.” 6:02    Cancer 6:03    Cancer 6:04    Cancer “Rise, shower, dress.   Be normal, do normal, act normal. . . Maybe it won’t be true.” 6:34    Cancer 6:35    Cancer 6:36    Cancer “Eat, drink […] Read more »

Cancer Tips – Are Second Opinons Really Important?

I have been a proponent of second opinions for any major diagnosis.  What I didn’t know or understand was the strength and energy it takes to do that.  My initial diagnosis came from the clinic I always received my mammograms from.  Whether right or wrong, the clinic did an immediate biopsy after reading my mammogram.  […] Read more »

Memoir Excerpt – Day 1

MEMOIR EXCERPT CHAPTER 1                        Week 1 / Day 1 – August 20, 2007 The call came; the words didn’t need to be spoken as I held the phone.  I knew the diagnosis.  I didn’t know the extent but at the first mention of cancer came the balloon of fear.  With each escape of air […] Read more »

Making Dreams Come True

Your beliefs are never neutral. They either move you forward or hold you back. And you choose what you will believe.   ~Marcia Wieder from Making Your Dreams Come True Okay, it’s time.  I had two friends talk to me on consecutive days last week about my memoir.  I’ve set it aside for about six months.  […] Read more »