The Now or The Elusive Finish Line?

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.  -Douglas Adams

I’m reading about five books right now.  I borrowed them from the library so I’m under a timeline for returning them.  Instead of reading one and moving on, I’m frenetically trying to read a little of each.  Today I picked up Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye.  The chapter called The Big Picture doesn’t say anything I don’t already know but it does reiterate what I needed to recall.   Much of what we hear now is about the law of attraction.  We attract what we believe.  If I believe I am wealthy then wealth comes to me.  If I focus on my fear of my future wealth then I attract lack.  So I have been working at remembering to thank the universe for my wealth, my good health, my peace of mind, and many other things that I hope to attract to me.  

Hawkeye reminds me that sometimes I’m so consumed with my future that I forget to be grateful for all the beauty I have right now.  Again I say, this is nothing new.  “Stop and smell the roses” is not a new concept but as I spend time in search of purpose, and meaning, spiritual adventure and where I’ll be in five years, I sometimes blow right past the “now.” Raindrop on GrassIMG_2133 Even though I believe I appreciate all those things that I should like friendships I hold dear, an all day rain that brightens the greens of grass, trees, and sage, the birds that continue to sing and flit from dawn to dusk, the love of my life that argues with me and continues to be my best friend, and the myriad of other daily miracles.  I do acknowledge and see them but there is that future that persists in raising its hand and waving at me from behind all else and continues to make me think I MUST do something to be sure it arrives as it should.  And in my concern for that elusive finish line I forget that as we continue to grow, evolve, expand, change, and learn that we are never finished no matter when we began or when we end.  So the finish line is only some slippery dream I have nurtured without trust in the universe.  I shall take heed of the quote above by Douglas Adams and maybe take a breath and realize, I am right where I need to be.

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  1. Beautifully said Missy. I feel like your last sentence in the first paragraph underscores what you said throughout your article. You said you “hope” to attract things to you. My understanding is that when we “choose” to attract things instead of hoping we send a stronger signal to the universe. The more solid the emotion the more concrete the result. I only mention this because you are my teacher today, and when the student is ready the teacher appears! LOVE what you have to say and thank you for reminding me to “be impeccable with my words.”

    • Missy Kizer says:

      I keep learning and growing but often go in reverse so I too am glad that teachers show up just as I need them. I just love this about the universe. I love that I am finally paying attention. Who knew it was me and not some outer force that allowed me to learn. Thanks for being in my world too.

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