What Does Divine Look Like?

A man must not swallow more beliefs than he can digest.   Henry Ellis (from Ireland and became a colonial governor of Georgia in the 1700’s)

Someone anonymous (I’m protecting the innocent) sent an email,  “I’m personally trying to connect to Divine – not sure what that looks like or feels like but, I’m trying to stay open to the experience of belief.  Any thoughts?” 

Are you kidding?  That’s all I do is think about this kind of thing.  My blog is filled with answers to my own questions like this.  So here’s what I responded.  

“That is exactly what I have been working toward, connecting to the Divine.  Sometimes I call it God, sometimes The Universe, sometimes The Universal Spirit, and there are more titles.  What I think I know is that it doesn’t matter the name; it matters that you are open to it.  Some people have great stories about connections that are bigger than life and others say you’ll know when you’re there.  So far I usually know after the fact.  By that I mean it’s not like God taps me on the shoulder and says hello.  But it seems that after something has happened I realize there was something bigger than me there.  I too do not know what it really looks like but I do know that I feel safer.  I am not sure how to explain that.  I don’t feel quite as alone I guess.  I rather feel like I’m sitting in a waiting room with the Divine just behind the door.  I even feel like it knows I’m there but it’s waiting for me to figure out what it is I need and then ask.  Maybe then I’ll be able to walk into that other room and have a chat.  Until then the Divine is there and helping me even though I may be unaware.”

In my previous life (not a past life) before this part of the journey, I wouldn’t have spoken of my belief about God.  I hid that because it so often felt like I was talking about ghosts or angels or some unbelievable spectre.  By the way, I believe in those things now too.  What and how I believe about them is different though.  It’s more a belief in a “we are all one” not the physical beings of artwork, and folklore.  God isn’t a man with a white beard.  That’s Santa!  Instead it’s a sense of all of us being connected is some great sphere.  We come and go as humans back into the space of spirit.  I haven’t figured out why we do that yet.  So far anything I’ve heard doesn’t make much sense to me so I have to keep looking for that answer.  I do feel connected as a whole to everything, not just people but animals and plants.  I suppose it explains why I talked to the last Christmas tree we had in the house.  Every day I told it I was sorry but thanks for the Christmas cheer.  I am not having a live tree again by the way!  I haven’t quit killing bugs but I do apologize every time I squish one.  Sometimes I catch them and free them outdoors.  I pray for road kill when I see it.  Okay, maybe this is too much information.  My point is that I feel like everything is one.  I’m not perfect with that thought but it is what I am choosing to accept as my belief.  

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