What’s In It For Me or How May I Serve?

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.     Wayne Dyer

While reading Wayne Dyer’s book I Can See Clearly Now I found some guidance that is making me process my life as it is playing out now. WayneDyer I began my Juice Plus+ business a little over a year ago.  I loved the product and the more I learned about it and the company the more resolved I became to share it with people.  I still held back on talking too much about the business aspect as I had some preconceived notions about network marketing and home-based businesses.  I went to a lot of home parties in my early years.  I always had fun at them and often bought items if I wanted them.  I didn’t buy when I wasn’t interested.  That’s probably the only thing that guilt never factored into.  It certainly abounds in all other aspects of my life.  Anyway, in Chapter 36, Mr. Dyer talks of his success, and how he now realizes that true success came to him when he focused on the “how may I serve” belief rather than the “what’s in it for me” belief.  Whack!  (That’s the 2 x 4 smacking me!)  Of course.  So now I have to truly look at what I’m in this business for.  Is it for the former or the latter?  

What I am glad to report is that I now believe I am there.  I want to serve.  How can I not share this business with others as a gift for their dreams?  We can all achieve our goals and dreams with this.  I’m not selling some pyramid scheme (they’re illegal anyway).  I am rather sharing an opportunity to reach dreams.  There is a lot of work to get there.  After all, Wayne Dyer explains that he quit working as a teacher and spent even more waking hours promoting his book Your Errroneous Zones with the hope of getting people to read it and help themselves.  Through that hard work and promotion of his writing, he became a best seller and and a millionaire.  Money came to him as well as fame.  Certainly he wanted that but his focus was on delivering a way to serve others and help people.  So what I am realizing is that I certainly hope to make a living, but also look at what I get to share with others.  That’s the gift.  I show people how to foster good health, change unhealthful habits, give kids an opportunity to enjoy good nutrition and stay away from obesity.  I also have the opportunity to offer the gift of a solid future by way of establishing a business and income.  Why would I ever see that as simply “what’s in it for me?” apple

I spent most of my life as a teacher.  I loved it.  I got to be on stage (a long time dream), I hoped to give the students the gift of loving some aspect of the subject and a love for their learning, and I learned more about me than I ever expected while I shared with them.  So what’s different now in this business, nothing!  The only thing different is the method in which it is delivered.  One is seen as a need for society and one is seen as a “get rich” opportunity.  Yet both do the same.  They teach people how to help themselves physically and monetarily.  I am thrilled to have discovered this today.

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