Wishes Fulfilled!

The greatest gift you have been given is the gift of your imagination.  Everything that now exists was once imagined.   Wayne Dyer

Earth’s crammed with heaven,/ And every common bush afire with God;/ But only he who sees takes off his shoes, / The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.  – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

How beautiful is the world?  We are on our way to Las Vegas for the NFR (National Finals Rodeo). We’ve gone every year for the last seven years.  I never tire of the drive.  Being from Colorado, I always believe we live in the most beautiful state.  Then as we travel through Utah I see another ever changing view of equally magnificent country.  Utah changes with the light and time of day. I haven’t once been disappointed seeing sights I have seen before.  The desolate scenery cuts deep into the earth hinting of the neighboring Grand Canyon, and then rises into the peaks sometimes treeless and stark and at other times shrouded in Juniper and underbrush.  

We are now headed down the Virgin River Canyon of Arizona into the flats of Nevada.  This is yet another geographically awesome experience.  The rosy red sculptures of mountains, crags, caves, and rock wind around in a cohesive, impenetrable, and almost vegetation and people free terrain.  

Since I am now reading another Wayne Dyer book, Wishes Fulfilled, the drive through these landscapes gives me time to reflect on the promise of this work.  It makes for slow reading as I have to keep raising my head to view the world before me.  However, it also gives me a connection to the energy of the universal spirit to help me entwine the ideas and beauty into an unmistakable connection with reality. Sometimes we forget the nature around us and the beauty it provides.  We too often forget to accept that many of our wishes are fulfilled.  Wayne Dyer with this book and the nature surrounding us deliver a wishes fulfilled life.

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