Your Erroneous Zones or Mine Anyway!

How long am I going to be dead?

Geez, I’m only on Chapter 1 of Your Erroneous Zones, the second paragraph and my breath escaped with this statement by Wayne DyerI know this book has been out since the 70’s but I never read it.  I think I mistook it for “erogenous” zones.  Not that that should have stopped me!

At any rate, Wayne Dyer says to ask yourself that question, “How long am I going to be dead” if you are considering some type of decision.  How’s that for putting it into perspective?  Decision made.  Realizing “putting it off,” “waiting for the right moment,” “the should I or shouldn’t I” internal discussion just pushes us one more day toward death according to Dyer.  Now that thought process sort of jostles the procrastination elves.  We usually hear, “life’s short; make the fresh flowersmost of it.”  That looks a whole lot differently when saying, “so just how long am I going to be dead?”

I always love to think I have no regrets and that I do what I want in life.  However, I know that way of thinking is, here it is, erroneous.  I often waver on decisions, because of not being able to play it black and white.  I also procrastinate hoping a decision will be made for me and it is, but am I really doing what I’m meant to do?  I DON’T KNOW.  Aaaargh!  That’s the terrible grayness of my world.  I don’t mean gray and bleak.  I mean life is hardly ever black and white for me in my thoughts, my decisions, or my desires. There is seldom a emphatic YES or NO!  Is that a flaw that needs therapy or is that just who I am and acceptable?  I DON’T KNOW! 

Okay so now I’ll go read more and see what Dr. Dyer says.  Wish me luck.  As for you, your turn to consider – “How long will you be dead?”

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